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Eye Glasses in Shortage due to Pandemic

Written by on October 5, 2020

Photo courtesy to Vision Point Facebook page

NORMAL, Ill.- A Bloomington eye clinic thought their major merger and moving into a new building last August would be the only challenges they would face this year.

The pandemic isn’t just blinding hope, but causing a worldwide glass shortage.

Vision Point has over 100 employees and countless patients, all of whom get their temperature taken at the door. There are 43 exam rooms and the large building is designed for social distancing, but an unexpected eye glasses shortage has vision point slowing down. 

Vision Point’s manufacturers had told them in June to expect the shortage. Patients use to be able to get their glasses with 7 to 10 days, but now patients are seeing wait times over three weeks.

“There is absolutely a shortage in every manufacturing product, and that’s because we have such a global market. Everything that we have here comes from some place, even the materials that are used to make glasses are from all over the world,” said Chief Strategic Officer Julie Payne.

Little Kinley Hendricks was eager to get her glasses.

“They feel good on me,” said Hendricks.

Kinley eagerly awaiting for her glasses

Now if you wear glasses — you’ve probably had a problem with foggy lenses.

Photo courtesy to Vision Point Facebook page

At Vision Point, there is a new product called fog stopper. You rub the product over the lenses to keep the steam from your mask out of your sight.