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In the February edition of the Birds-I-View, hosts Maritza Navar-Lopez, Camberyn Kelley, and Gavin Broderick, along with the WZND News Team, take an inside look at the American Justice System including the processes behind it, factors that affect it, and the history behind it.

WZND’s Camberyn Kelley starts the show by discussing social advocates seeking change in the justice system. (2:25-5:33). Next, Maritza Navar-Lopez talks about the processes of delivering a criminal sentencing (7:05-9:03). Then Blake Borgardt delves into common misconception about high-profile cases and how it relates to the media (10:45-13:31).

Afterward, Matt Cherry talks about how social media can be used in court proceedings (14:18-17:15). Gavin Broderick then talks about incarcerations and the purpose they serve in the justice system (19:03-22:07). And last, Braden Fogerson spoke with an individual who was directly affected by the justice system and incarceration (22:49-25:45).