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Mboka Mwilambwe reacts to unofficial Bloomington Mayoral win

Written by on April 15, 2021

Photo courtesy to Mboka Mwilambwe Facebook page

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.-The Bloomington mayor’s race falls into that 5% margin at this time for a discovery recall, however, Mike Straza has already conceded to Mayor-elect Miboka Mwilambwe so a discovery recall in that race is highly unlikely, according to Bloomington Election Commission’s Tim Mitchell.

The results show Mike Straza with 36.91% of the vote, Jackie Gunderson with 24.16% of the vote and Mwilambwe with 38.71% of the vote. All results are unofficial until April 20.

Mwilambwe said it was close but he said he knew that being the “middle of the road” candidate would come with the possibility of the results being so close.

“I knew that I had a candidate to my left and to my right and I knew it would be close,” said Mwilambwe. “Ultimately, I think my victory reflected the great work that we put together. The strategy that we had led to us being successful.” 

Photo courtesy to Mboka Mwilambwe Facebook page

Mwilambwe said he is very excited that it turned out the way that it did.

Mwilambwe was born in Kinshasa and immigrated to the U.S.

“My family is very excited and they’ve been rooting for me since the campaign began, providing me with a lot of emotional support. I am especially excited for my parents as they have sacrificed a lot to make sure we could achieve the highest level of education possible. The news of my election was also broadcast on the national TV in Congo where I was born, so it is a source of national pride but also solidifies the idea that America is a great country where the seemingly impossible can happen,” said Mwilambwe.

Mwilambwe said he never really thought he’d be Bloomington’s mayor.

“Although one would think that the natural progression for an Alderman would be to become mayor. I never really plan too far ahead personally because I generally prefer the natural rhythm of life to dictate what I do,’ said Mwilambwe.