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UPB Skates Through the ’90s with Skate-by-the-Bell

Written by on November 11, 2019

Normal – Illinois State University’s, University Program Board put on their ‘90s themed event, “Skate by the Bell” Saturday night. 

The event was open to all ISU students with their event pass. “Skate by the Bell” featured ‘90s activities such as Pac-Man, Skee Ball, the toy crane, and the most popular, roller skating.

Those wanting to roller skate had to sign a waiver form before entering the event and were given a wristband. 

Along with the fun games and activities, UPB also had food including some ‘90s favorites such as gushers, fruit roll-ups, gummy bears and Little Hugs fruit juice barrels. Aside from the sweets, they also had small sandwiches for everyone. 

ISU Junior Rachel Katz says she enjoyed the event, despite not being a total ‘90s kid.

“I think the theme is really fun. We’re all not quite ‘90s kids anymore but we know about the nostalgia,” says Katz. “So it’s really fun to see the games and roller skate.” 

UPB Director of Finance Blake Whittle says they might continue this event in upcoming years depending on the turnout. Whittle says they have been planning this event since April.