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Students Reactions to the state of our Democracy

Written by on November 9, 2020

Photo courtesy to ISU Facebook page

NORMAL, Ill.-Students are stressing over the presidential election, although so ease came on Saturday, Nov. 7 when Former Vice President Joe Biden was named the president-elect.

Biden still must face President Donald Trump who has not conceded yet.

SGA member and off-campus senator Djimon Lewis says he fears that the misinformation and Trump’s rhetoric will cause the fate of the democracy to be uncertain.

“It is important now more than ever that we protect each other. I think we have seen police and far-right militias collaborate,” said Lewis. “It is important that people in this democracy protect each other and prepare for the uncertain future.” 

Lewis said he believes the electoral college is flawed and this Election really showed that, because Biden won the popular vote.

ISU students are scared for democracy, but mainly at a national level.  Another student and President of ISU’s College Democrats Ethan Kosberg says this isn’t a new idea and that the Republican party needs to stop gerrymandering. Like Lewis he says eliminating the electoral college is the best future for our democracy. 

Another ISU student and Vice president of the ISU College Republicans Josh Bender says no one was prepared for this.

Bender says he thinks there were ballots cast illegally.

“Do I think that there are some being cast illegally? Yes. Pennsylvania has straight up said ‘if they are not postmarked by Nov. 3 we will still accept them.’ That is illegal and we need to call that out. Michigan we are seeing mail-dumps. That’s illegal, we have to call that out,” said Bender.

Another student and Trump supporter says there is definitely something suspicious going on.

“I find it to be ironic that every time Biden takes the lead it has been really, super early in the morning,” said ISU student Steven Jordan. “When he is taking these leads in these massive states…it is suspicious it really, truly is.”

Lewis said if  Trump decides to not leave office everything in the country should stop…meaning there should be strikes.

“There should be no more we go along and normalize everything we’ve been through since March,” said Lewis.

Biden should be inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2021.

Bender said that no matter what side your are on, he believes everyone can agree that something went wrong this Election.

“We do need to look into it, and it is fair to say that there are some states that didn’t handle this properly,” said Bender.