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The Conservative Social Media: Parler

Written by on November 10, 2020

Photo courtesy to CNN

NORMAL, Ill.- Have you noticed the fact-checking and social media monitoring? Well some are not fans, so a new app is getting more popular.

A new social media app has conservative users clicking away.

One user Steven Jordan feels Parler doesn’t suppress the conservative voices like Twitter and Facebook 

“You shouldn’t have fact-checking. I mean, I don’t fell like that is necessary. People want to put on what they want to put on. I look at a lot of left-wing twitter accounts and there is nothing there,” said Jordan.

ISU’s Director of Convergent Media and Social Media expert Nathan Carpenter said Twitter and Facebook have to consider their business and “free speech” doesn’t really apply.

“That flagging, and people flocking to Gab and Parler, they are flocking to those places because they called that violation of free speech. What is interesting is that Facebook and Twitter are not the public, they’re not run by a government entity. Claims of censorship or violation of free speech doesn’t really apply here in terms of the constitutional notions of it, ” said Carpenter. 

Nearly three million people use Parler but carpenter says switching comes at a cost.

“Members of the more conservative parties in the Unites States are saying Twitter is becoming a hostile space…except they end up staying in Parler a little bit and then come back to Twitter,” said Carpenter. 

Parler, Gab and other social media have similar terms of services as Facebook and Twitter, but fact-checking is not as useful on those platforms because the audience is so niche.

Facebook has nearly three billion users and Twitter has just shy of 400 million. Parlor was founded in 2018 by John Matze and Jared Thomson of Nevada.