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Election gives sigh of relief but work continues say local Democrats

Written by on November 8, 2020

Photo Courtesy McLean County Democrats Facebook page

NORMAL, Ill. – Local Democrat groups say they “felt relief” to hear that Joe Biden was declared President-Elect Saturday morning.

The chairwoman of the McLean County Democratic Party, Nikita Richards said it felt like the hard work finally paid off. She expressed how proud she was of state and local party efforts to increase voter turnout.

“My initial reaction was one of complete relief,” said Richards. “It was a sense of  ‘finally’. Finally, the American people will have the opportunity to breathe. 

Richards says in Biden’s presidency that she looks forward to a means to an end relating to social equity and social justice issues. She also explains that she looks forward to comprehensive healthcare reform and common-sense gun laws.

Democracy works best when everyone participates. So I’m surely looking forward to that level of engagement and I’m excited about what’s to come,” said Richards. 

When reflecting on the race Richards emphasizes the importance that every vote carries.

“Currently, we are divided,” said Richards. “I think that this win will give us a chance to have some relief but also allow America to heal. Then, it’s back to work because we are a long way off of where I would like to see us.”

The Communications Director for ISU College Democrats, Livi Swiech also says she felt a sigh of relief Saturday morning. She also emphasized the work that still needs to be done.

definitely don’t want us to become complacent,” said Swiech. “I think a lot of people have this mindset ofonce Biden is in office it’s over’, and we can get back to normal. But normal was not working for a lot of people in the first place.”


Swiech says moving forward she sees this future presidency as an opportunity to organize and fight to make the country a better place.
However, she emphasizes the importance of remaining engaged in local elections within voters.

“We can’t go talk to Biden. We can’t tell him what we need. But we can go talk to our council officials, said Swiech. “We can talk to our local officials. They’re the people who hear us out and fight for what we need and what we believe in.”

 She emphasizes need to participate in the Municipal Elections in April. 

“The fight isn’t over just because Joe Biden was elected. The fight is just beginning.”