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In the November issue of Birds-I-View, producer Braden Fogerson, and co-hosts Gavin Broderick and Blake Borgardt examined LGBTQIA+ life around Illinois State University.

Kaylee Sugimoto began the show by highlighting what constitutes a hate crime legally with an exclusive interview from a felony prosecutor from the State’s Attorney Office, Mary Cole (2:01-5:20). Next, Gavin Broderick took a look at the story of Jakai Martin and reflected on his childhood, as well as the assault he experienced earlier this year (6:06-9:08).

Following that, Braden Fogerson showcased the story of ISU Volleyball’s Head Coach Allie Matters and her journey towards expressing her sexual orientation to the public (10:31-13:56). Jake Pearson followed this story up by shining light on a safe space for queer people around ISU with an interview from Jan Lancaster, the owner of The Bistro (15:14-18:14). Finally, Blake Borgardt closed out the show with an interview from a member of the drag community and ISU graduate student Ian Cooper (18:53-22:18).