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In the February edition of the Bird’s-I-View, hosts Annamarie Schutt, Catrina Petersen and Camberyn Kelley, along with the WZND News Team, take an inside look at what activism looks like for different demographics.

WZND’s Gavin Broderick begins the show by discussing the First Amendment rights of journalists with ISU professor Andrew Ventimiglia (3:39-6:15). Then, Catrina Petersen discussed the impact of petitions in activism, (7:00-10:40). Matt Cherry spoke to ISU professor Byron Craig about how social media has changed how people advocate and assemble, (13:03-15:03).

Next, Alyssa Helm talked with the Secretary of Sustainability at ISU about the approaches environmental activists have to take to get their message across (16:37-18:44). Maritza Navar-Lopez had an opportunity to talk to the President of ISU Pride bout the strides the LGBTQ+ community is making and has made (20:22-22:49). Finally, Camberyn Kelley discussed how activism looks for the Black community during Black History Month and beyond (23:50-27:04).