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Illinois State University released a statement about discrimination on campus

Written by on October 18, 2019

NORMAL – Illinois State University administration released a campus-wide statement via email regarding discrimination on campus.

This statement apologized for missing and inaccurate information in a previous email responding to protests from last week.

“I apologize for the inaccuracy in my previous email and for mischaracterizing the students and their efforts,” stated Dietz.”I recognize that the students worked very hard to plan this important event and were denied that opportunity.”

The statement was released after students protested discrimination of treatment to diverse students. Protests came after a scheduling issue with the Black Homecoming Committee and Redbird Arena.

Black Homecoming Committee claimed their concert was cancelled after Redbird Arena scheduled a last-minute volleyball practice. University officials, including President Larry Dietz, said the Arena was never officially booked and arena management tried to accommodate requests as best they could.

Days later Black Homecoming Committee responded to discrepancies found in ISU’s statement such as the dates submitted for their cancelled concert, the staff members involved in the cancellation, and security concerns from the concert.

The statement stated prejudice and discrimination is not acceptable on campus and how the university plans to move forward.

“My leadership team and I pledged that our university will move swiftly to address concerns.  We will continue to meet with the students and discuss progress on these issues,” stated Dietz. “Resolving complex issues around racism and bias take time and require a commitment from the entire campus.”

The message followed the Board of Trustees meeting earlier this afternoon.