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Gimme Gimme Disco- The Castle Theatre

Written by on February 5, 2024

By: Collette Schnoor

I got the awesome chance to go experience The Gimme Gimme Disco at The Castle Theater this weekend and I had an absolute blast. The Gimme Gimme Disco was an ABBA themed DJ party so all ABBA fans could come experience their favorite songs together in person. 

The first thing I noticed was the crowd when I got there. The people that were there varied from 18 to 60 years old and I don’t know if I know another music group that could do that, so the venue choosing an ABBA disco party specifically was a spectacular idea. I loved to see people of all ages dancing and singing to music from the ’70s together. You could tell that the crowd that was there was super excited and happy to be there and that energy radiated throughout the venue

The next thing I noticed was that people really dressed up for this DJ party just like they would for a concert. The outfits were eye-catching and everyone had something unique but also very ’70s. I really enjoyed seeing people express their inner disco through their outfits. People wore tons of sequins, circle sunglasses, gogo boots, and bell bottoms. These aren’t articles of clothing you see around on a day to day basis anymore, so to see people get to express that side of themselves was fantastic to see.

Next is the DJ/host, I thought the DJ did a phenomenal job at keeping the crowd engaged with the music and she was totally dressed for the ’70s occasion too. She played iconic ABBA songs right away and knew all the words, she danced and had people come up on stage with her, she took song requests. Overall she was a very good DJ that knew how to keep the crowd excited and engaged. My favorite songs that were played were Honey, Honey and Lay All Your Love On Me.

I am so happy I got the chance to experience a DJ party and come to Castle Theatre for the first time because it has definitely been on my bucket list. I love to see venues keep the music alive for fans when they aren’t able to see the real deal in concert. Whether that’s because they can’t get tickets or the artists are not touring anymore, a DJ concert is the next best thing. It brings us all together just like a normal concert would and I think that is something to celebrate in itself.