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Gimme Gimme Disco- The Castle Theatre

Written by on February 5, 2024

By: Logan Moeller

On Saturday, February 3rd, The Castle Theatre held the “Gimme Gimme Disco”. Throughout my childhood, ABBA was played constantly throughout my house due to my mother being a huge fan. After watching the film “Mamma Mia” I became fully obsessed with ABBA’s music and started to become a fan myself. 

I first heard of the “Gimme Gimme Disco” last year when Castle Theatre held the same event. I remember having an amazing time last year and I knew I needed to go see it again. Although this event mainly showcased the music of ABBA, there were many other groovy hits that kept the crowd engaged. My favorite part of this event was when “Rasputin” by Boney M played. This song was a favorite on the video game Just Dance and it was hilarious seeing all of the college students that still remember choreography from a childhood video game. 

Aside from the great music, another favorite part for me was seeing the incredible fashion throughout the theater. People did not hold back and came decked out in throwback disco fashion. The crowd for this show was extremely fun and everyone pulled out their best dance moves. I enjoyed how interactive this show was and loved how the DJ even brought fans up on stage to sing and perform with her. 

The Castle Theatre was the perfect venue for this event because it provided a ton of standing room to dance and move to the music. They also had a QR code posted where you could scan and request songs which was another great way to keep the crowd engaged. Castle Theatre also had a water cooler with free water in the back that was amazing after dancing all night. 

My top three songs throughout the night where Rasputin by Boney M., Voulez-Vous by ABBA, and Take A Chance On Me by ABBA. Those songs are some of my all time favorites so it was a blast to hear it there. Overall I had an amazing night and I am extremely glad I got to experience the disco again.