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Gimme Gimme Disco- The Castle Theatre

Written by on February 5, 2024

By: Rosie Chappell

Disco music, and ’70s music in general, has always been a big part of my life. My mom
would play it all the time. Whether it was cleaning the house or driving in the car, there
would always be a Bee Gees or ABBA song in the mix. Gimme Gimme Disco really
brings up some of my favorite memories while also giving an electric time.

Gimme Gimme Disco is a DJ based group who work together to bring disco themed
dance parties to multiple cities at a time. I have to say, our DJ was one of the best! Not
only did she play so many banger songs, but she also knew how to keep the good vibes
going. From crowd karaoke to busting a move herself, this DJ knew how to hype up the

The venue itself really caught my eye going in. Gimme Gimme Disco performed at The
Castle Theatre, located in the heart of downtown Bloomington. From the outside, this
theater has a retro vibe with how amazing their marquee is. I definitely love taking
pictures outside with it, it’s beautiful. The inside is also just as amazing. They have a
pretty decent sized bar, and they gave out complimentary water, which is super nice
when you’ve been dancing! This theater is mainly standing room only which is super
great for the dance party, and the stage is just the perfect size for everyone to see.

What also caught my eye were the party goers themselves! Although 18+, this show
had a range of ages in attendance! I got to see some elderly folk bust out their dance
moves right next to college kids killing it on the dance floor. I also really like how into it
people were. Everyone dressed in disco type, “Mamma Mia” vibe clothing! All in all, this
experience was so much fun! I loved getting to dance to songs I grew up listening to
while having a good time with my friends. I can’t wait to go to another Castle Theatre
dance party!