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This month on the Bird’s-I-View: You-naversity: Your student rights, host Ashley Antonini, Laurel Becker and Blake Haas discuss your rights as an Illinois State student. WZND’s Tom Prizeman explains student code of conduct on the campus of ISU (1:21-5:15). With over 25,000 students on the campus of ISU, many things including laptops, telephones and personal items could go missing. WZND’s John Murray shares the story on how things could go missing across the campus of ISU(5:59-8:17). Next, many students at ISU have the opportunity to enact the First Amendment and share their feelings about a certain topic publicly. WZND’s Joi Adams shares how students can voice their opinions with protests (9:34-12:50). While many voices are heard with protests, some voices won’t speak up about a certain topic. Sexual Assault victims sometimes are scared to speak up, WZND’s Scott Beyer builds the foundation to how victims can speak up (15:15- 17:18). For some student’s the pulse of college is having a good time with their friends, but WZND’s Adam Evans explains that if you are underage you need to use caution when those around you are drinking (19:10-22:10). WZND’s Neil Doyle recaps what you need to do if you are an ISU student and you get caught for academic dishonesty (24:08-27:20).