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Bird’s-I-View: Redbirds Raise Awareness

WZND July 30, 2017

This month on Bird’s-I-View:Redbirds Raise Awareness, the WZND news team discusses suicide and suicide prevention with host Ashley Antonini, Jake Fahrow and Blake Haas.  Ashley Antonini opens the show with her opening piece (0:57-3:32), then the WZND news team discusses the role that the media has on the public’s perception of suicide, Scott Beyer joins the show to share his piece (4:48-8:00). WZND’s Resident Marine Corps student William Johnson shares his piece on how suicide is affecting soldiers at home and abroad (10:27-13:12). Laurel Becker shares here piece on how the popular Netflix series 13 Reasons Why and how it affect people all over the globe (15:15-18:18). Then, Andy Olson talks about a real life example of a young man’s suicide and how it affected a former Major League Baseball player and a Father (20:28-23:30). Finally, listen to Blake Haas share his piece titled “EvanStrong,” and how a teammate and a close friend’s suicide hurt the town of Clinton (23:53-27-13).