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In the February edition of Birds-I-View, producer Colleen Holden, and co-hosts Gavin Broderick, and Blake Borgardt take a look at the statistics and effects of crime on and around ISU campus.

Ben Hudy started the show by outlining the typical causes of traffic accidents and how they can be avoided by both driver and pedestrian (1:53-4:57). Next Luke Biondi talked about the most common crimes reported on campus and how the ISU police keep students safe by keeping them informed (5:27-7:30).  Then, John Rozny took at a crimes that are targeted against minority groups specifically (8:37-12:25).

Following that, Colleen Holden discussed the most unreported crime on campus, sexual assault, and how spreading awareness and changing the narrative is the first step to solving the widespread issue (12:46-15:21). Next Gavin Broderick took a look at the statistics of victimless crimes and whether or not officials target college students. (16:17 – 19:10). Finally Blake Borgardt closed out the show by talking about how we can build trust with the police (19:41-22:17).