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NAACP and Democratic Socialists of America respond to Derek Chauvin trial

Written by on April 22, 2021

Photo courtesy to West Bloomington Facebook page
Photo: Mural in West Bloomington 

NORMAL, Ill.- Louis Goseland of the Bloomington Normal Democratic Socialists of America says the verdict brings accountability for Derek Chauvin but is an exception not the norm. 

The Bloomington-Normal Chapter of Democratic Socialists of America is calling on members of the Illinois General Assembly to build on this historic moment for police accountability and bring an end to the judicial doctrine of qualified immunity by passing HB 1727.

Illinois House Speaker Rep. Chris Welch signed on to cosponsor the legislation, signaling growing support for this meaningful proposal for police reform.

The NAACP says the justice system is skewed against minoritiesThe national conversation before the trail, was whether or not protest would erupt. NAACP Vice President Carla Campbell Jackson says there has been a long history of protests, but they were not from the black community.  

“That goes back to the 1800’s when they were literally protesting and rioting for no taxation without representation. And we know that back in the 1800’s those people didn’t look like us. So rioting has occurred, but not necessarily on the shoulders of African Americans, ” said NAACP Vice president Carla Campbell-Jackson. 


The NAACP says that the outcome of the verdict does not abate or diminish the fact that African Americans continue to contend with racism, discrimination, and retaliation. NAACP President Linda Foster says the NAACP will continue to be that voice for the voiceless.

The NAACP is focusing on the younger generation post Floyd trial.  

“We are going to savor this for right now because for such a long time we haven’t been able to breathe. Now we can excel, but at the same time get up and get to moving. And deal with the things that got us to where we are at, to propel us to be better,” said NAACP president Linda Foster. 


Chauvin was convicted of all charges and could possibly contend with up to 40 years in prison for second-degree murder, up to 25 years for third degree murder and up to 10 years for second-degree manslaughter. 

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris said the verdict t outcome does not change generations of racist injustices.