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Illenium – Fallen Embers

Written by on October 5, 2021

Written By: Braulio Miranda

Nick Miller or better known as “Illenium” is an American DJ and Producer. He falls into the future bass, trap, dubstep, and electronic pop genre with his releases over the years but his most recent album Fallen Embers has presented a new side to Illenium’s name. A lot of past collaborations from previous projects took place but also a lot of new names made appearances. If you are familiar with Illenium and his past releases he has worked alongside many people on this album like Said the Sky, Dabin, Slander, Excision, and Annika Wells but also new collaborations with big names like Krewella, Lights, Iann Dior. But also, a special thing was his work that he put out with small upcoming artists like Tori Kelly, Matt Maeson, Natalie Taylor, Emma Grace and many more, really helping put their names out there.

This album was his fourth studio album that helped embark a new side or chapter to his career. I have been a fan since 2016 and seeing his music evolve over the years has been a true gift for us fans that really relate to his work and the stories that his songs represent. This album like all of his others really shows an emotional aspect of his work. It’s almost like you can feel the way he expresses his passion for his music in the way he produces and structures the album. You get all the feels and vibes listening to this album but even though it has this emotional sound to it, it’s such a feel-good experience when you listen to it, I mean it had me in tears when I first heard it on the day of its release on July 16th this past summer. Like many artists, Illenium always does an amazing job telling a story behind all of his music and I feel like given the recent events in the world and just life struggles in general this album really helps put you in this happy and appreciative mood and that’s the special thing behind this album. It’s a new side of Illenium but it still manages to have this specific sound with the instruments and vocals that lets you know it’s Nick Miller behind the master work.

Like always I recommend people go into this album with an open mind and allowing to just get a feel for the message and sound behind the artist and understanding the meaning behind each track. Of course, after listening to this album on repeat nonstop there have been many of my top picks which are “Blame Myself” feat. Tori Kelly, “In My Mind” feat. Excision and HALIENE, “Crazy Times” feat. Said the Sky and Rock Mafia, and “Brave Soul” feat. Emma Grace. I am in love with the whole album but these songs were the ones that really made me feel something when I first heard them and again I come back to allowing yourself to listen to the message behind the songs and the artists. I definitely can’t wait to see what the Fallen Embers tour will bring and seeing this show come to life but for now I will continue to enjoy and share this album with many others so give it a listen and who knows you may just become a fan.

Favorite Tracks: “Blame Myself” (feat. Tori Kelly), “In My Mind” (feat. Excision and HALIENE), “Crazy Times” (feat. Said the Sky and Rock Mafia), and “Brave Soul” (feat. Emma Grace).

Rate: 10/10