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Doja Cat – Planet Her

Written by on October 4, 2021

Written By: Kate Karvelis

          As a committed Doja Cat fan since “Amala” (Doja Cat’s first album), I was ecstatic to hear about “Planet Her.” “Kiss Me More” was the first single from the album, and was an absolute treat. “Kiss Me More” is a Doja Cat and SZA collaboration, and they went all out. This song made me so excited for the eventual release of the album. Doja first announced the album in a V Magazine interview. Doja was quoted saying it would have a “Divine Feminine Theme” and that “every song has its own personality.” I love the central theme she went with of divine feminine. I also think she used this album to encourage sexuality, and women empowerment. In my opinion the album vibe is a sexy club feeling. It is very evident Doja wanted this album to be all about female empowerment, especially through sexuality. The album is a Pop-Rap mix, taking inspiration from Nicki Minaj.  

“Ain’t Sh*t” was arguably the most anticipated release. This song was leaked years ago in the background of a livestream Doja did on her instagram. The internet went crazy when this song was confirmed for the album. “Ain’t Sh*t” is all about how men aren’t worth your time, and how they’re just going to use you. By adding this song to the track list she reinforces her theme of the divine feminine.

“Woman” as well as “Naked” are personally my favorites from the album, however I feel as Doja Cat was able to create a “no skip album”. At first listen, “Woman” is only about Doja expressing how she wants to be someone’s “woman”. But the song also represents the struggles women face, and how women belong in every space. “Naked,” is about Doja encouraging sexuality, both her bisexuality, and sex. This song is about getting comfortable and intimate with someone for the first time, featuring lines mentioning “Let me know if you ain’t about that NSFW”. It is worth mentioning that Doja never addresses the gender of who she is singing these songs about (except for “Ain’t Sh*t”). This is another way where Doja reinforces her sexuality throughout the album. I believe both “Woman” and “Naked” off “Planet Her” do the best job at showing the album’s vibe and central message.

I want to hate “Get In To It (Yuh),” just because of how cringe-y I think the title is. However the song is so catchy and I just have so much fun working out listening to this song. This song clearly is influenced by Nicki Minaj. as she even uses the same flow and tone from Nicki’s song Massive Attack, and ends the song with “Thank you Nicki!” 

Overall I give this album a 7.5/10. It is a refreshing album by Doja Cat, and it perfectly shows her talent in singing/rapping and songwriting.   

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