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Bloomington Gets Into The Holiday Spirit

Written by on November 12, 2021

Photo Courtesy from Bloomington Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts

BLOOMINGTON, Ill- The town of Bloomington is holding an event that lets the town get into the holiday spirit, with a Candy Cane drop.

Youth/Teen Manager Jill Eichholz talked about the event and how it will be similar to an easter egg hunt, in this case, candy canes will be spread out and kids will be able to gather the candy canes. Santa will then be up in the air and will be throwing out candy canes to the kids as well. 

This year marks the first year of the event, Eichholz explains what inspired the event.

“Some of it with the younger age group of kids, it’s a little more challenging indoors with larger groups with mask requirements and all of that. In the previous year have done a candy cane hunt, which is kinda similar but we started inside and went out. Trying to do something with people requesting that back,” said Eichholz 

Jill Eichholz, also explains how they planned the event with COVID-19 precautions.

“Outside we are going to ask people to respect each other’s space and we will ask if there going to get close, that those people who are not vaccinated to go ahead wear a mask. Being outdoors, we can be a little more lenient on some of that indoors, we would 100 percent require masks but have anyone indoors checking everything will be taken outside,” Said Eichholz

Jill Eichholz stated how the event is expecting it to affect the community and the location of the event.

“I just think it’s a nice thing. It’s something that people have looked for us with these kinda events, opportunities for their kids to get to see Santa Clause and maybe a little smaller setting than some other places,” said Eichholz

She says events like this provide nice events for kids to engage with the park, which is decorated for the holidays.

The event will be held on December 4 at Miller Park Pavilion and begins at 10:00 AM.