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Bloomington City Council passes Zoning Amendment

Written by on November 4, 2019

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.- Mayor Tari Renner opened the regular meeting with public comment.

People from all over the community came forward yesterday to present their position on the Cannabis Zoning regulations and ordinances.

Councilwoman Kim Bray asked if the council could opt-out of the specific agricultural zoning ordinances as a sub-motion. The motion was denied with a 2-7 vote.

The discussion of how the revenue could help new lunch programs and daycare programs were discussed and how children will never see the sale of cannibis because they are not allowed in cultivation centers or dispensaries.

Councilwoman Julie Emig had also purposed that amendments to the zoning be made to where they could cater to areas with connect transit bus stops.

Addiction therapist Dr. Deb Carter said, “Using cannabis could give us the chance to cut out the big pharma. About 30% of our community uses cannabis. The reason you do not know that is because of the stigma. I urge the council to be proactive when voting tonight.”

Corporation Counsel Jeff Jurgens said that there would be a public hearing hosted by the Planning Commission on Nov. 13 regarding the vote approval. He also discussed with the council can pick and choose what cannabis centers they want through what is called a “Special Use Permit”.

This permit can also be drafted to allow these centers at further distances than the purpose 500 feet by the state. This is what will also allow the council to request license revocation.

Mayor Renner wanted to emphasize that the approval for the purpose zoning in the community did not mean they were moving forward with a vote regarding the sale of cannabis.

The council’s action regarding the Bloomington Zoning Code to allow adult-use cannabis business establishments in the city of Bloomington, as requested by the Community Development Department, was to vote for it.