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Bloomington city council

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – The Bloomington City Council concluded its final meeting of the month on Nov. 27. The council gave the floor to four residents who would have three minutes to address issues they believed should be resolved in the Bloomington community. Some of the notable features from this meeting were the concerns of the […]

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – The Bloomington City Council held its first council meeting of the month on November 13. Public comments addressed concerns about the city. Among these were apprehensions regarding the structural integrity and safety of Bloomington’s roadways, with specific emphasis on sidewalks lagging behind in compliance with handicap accessibility standards, unattended potholes and a […]

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – The Bloomington City Council held its final council meeting of the month on October 23. Assistant Director of the Economic Community Development Department Kelly Pfeiffer spoke on behalf of the property that was going to be annexed. Pfeiffer said, “The residency is currently uninhabitable due to a well failure. The owners are […]

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – Bloomington City Council held their first meeting of the month on October 9. All items present on the consent agenda passed unanimously except for item 7L, which had been removed for discussion. The proposed item moved to process all Local Business Tax filings electronically. To prevent the city from absorbing the cost […]

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – The Bloomington City Council held their first council meeting of the month on September 11. City Manager Tim Gleason was sure to be gleeful after Monday’s meeting, which resulted in the approval of a 5% pay raise for Gleason, totaling an annual salary just under $220,000 for the city manager of Bloomington. […]

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.- A member of the Bloomington Planning Commission is putting her best foot forward to run for Ward 3. Over twenty years ago, Sheila Montney moved to Bloomington by herself with only her dogs to keep her company, and she has never looked back. Originally from a small town in Arkansas, Montney grew up […]

NORMAL, Ill.- Less than two weeks out from the municipal election there are some things that you might want to know. There are two election commissions, and the County Clerk handles all elections except the Bloomington Municipal one because there is a separate commission called the Bloomington Election Commission.    “People go, ‘Why is that? […]

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – A  Bloomington native and Illinois State University alumni is running in the primary for Ward Seven.   Municipal elections are on April 6th and there’s a Bloomington primary on February 23rd.   There are five candidates running to represent Ward Seven. Candidates include Daniel Freburg, incumbent Mollie Ward, June Peterson-Middlebrooks, Correta L. Jackson and Kelby Cumpston.   Kelby Cumpston was raised in […]

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – After being selected to fill the Ward Seven seat, a local hospital chaplain is running for a seat on the Bloomington City Council.   Municipal elections are on April 6th and there’s a Bloomington primary on February 23rd.   There are five candidates running to represent Ward Seven. Candidates include Daniel Freburg, Kelby Cumpston, June Peterson-Middlebrooks, Correta L. Jackson and incumbent Mollie Ward.  Mollie Ward was selected to fill the alderman seat to replace Scott […]

The very nature of elections brings the victors to the limelight, often the losers get swept under the rug and forgotten. But Chemberly Cummings is a local politician who refuses to give up. She recently ran and lost against incumbent Dan Brady for the seat in the Illinois 105th. But her reaction was not as […]