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Bloomington City Council: Annexation of a Home, Safety Concerns and New Golf Carts

Written by on October 25, 2023

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – The Bloomington City Council held its final council meeting of the month on October 23.

Assistant Director of the Economic Community Development Department Kelly Pfeiffer spoke on behalf of the property that was going to be annexed.

Pfeiffer said, “The residency is currently uninhabitable due to a well failure. The owners are requesting annexation motivated by the city’s water.”

After consideration, the court was sent into a motion by Councilwoman Donna Boelen, and the result was eight ayes to zero nays. Shortly after, Boelen put the court into motion about annexing the whole property which she said would have benefits for the family that lives there. Following the second motion, the outcome was 8 ayes to zero nays.

The Council meeting featured four council hearings, each of which addresses their own concerns to the council. Bloomington Resident Dan Brady spoke about safety issues in the city.

He went on to illustrate how earlier that year, shots had been fired, and no one was injured, however, there was property damage.  Furthermore, Brady talked about the positives that have changed since then by saying, “With increased police presence in the park and ongoing communication with city administration, Clearwater Park is now safer than ever.”

In a bid for loans to purchase new gas-powered golf carts, the motion was sent by Councilwoman Mollie Ward who wanted to send to trial to November 13.

Ward said, “I’d like to table this item until we can have so more data so that we can get a comparison of the cost of the electrical carts versus the gas carts. Also, to be able to know the specifications of those that were not met.”

The final motion contained the result of five nays to three ayes, meaning the council will revisit the topic on November 13.

Not long after, the motion for the golf carts to pass was put up to vote. The offer ended with seven ayes and one nay, from Ward.

Overall, the Bloomington Council heads to address these conflicts addressed by the individuals, and will be sending loans for funding on the new 2024 golf carts.

The next Bloomington City Council Meeting will be on November 13 at 6:00 p.m.