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Young the Giant – Mirror Master

Written by on November 18, 2018

By Nate Doro

 After nearly a decade of successful music, Young the Giant has released their fourth studio album. In the past, they have released a wide variety of songs, typically varying in sound and tempo.  As an album, Mirror Master definitely goes together as a more cohesive unit. It is full of very soothing songs that will definitely enhance whatever mood you are in. Young the Giant definitely lived up to their indie icon status with their latest work.

While it may not be the top selling album of the month, there are still a lot of things to celebrate about this album. Singer Sameer Gadhia’s vocals on every track were just as mesmerizing as they were unique. The difference between singles “Superposition” and “Simplify” really demonstrate his versatility and talent as a performer.

Speaking of their singles, “Superposition” was a phenomenal way to start the new album. It is a very moving track that will definitely get listeners excited for the rest of the album.  “Simplify,” my favorite track on the album, is a very interesting song that is somehow up-beat but also heavy at the same time. It is impossible to listen to it without feeling a strong emotion at the same time. The weakest of the three singles, “Call Me Back”, is still a fun song, just not as memorable as the others.

Another high point of the album is “Tightrope.” A fun funky song that definitely shows the bands ability to play multiple songs as a unit. “You and I” is another fun song.  Although it is very slow, it has a sweet ring to it.

The only issue with the album is a lot of the tracks seem to be spot fillers. They do not stand out from each other.  It took me a long time to be able to distinguish the differences between the tracks “Glory” and “Brother’s Keeper.” These filler songs, as well as “Oblivion” and “Heat of the Summer”, just feel like placeholders. It is not that the songs are bad, but they are definitely not Young the Giant’s best work.

The key piece of the album is the titular track, “Mirror Master.”  While it is not there strongest song, its fast tempo and upbeat message exemplify what Young the Giant is really good at: changing your mood. This track in particular does a great job of lifting spirits, which is one of the best things music can do.

Overall, the album works really well as a cohesive unit; it just fits well together.  Yes, some of the tracks felt like fodder, but even those were not bad. The high points made up for the weaker spots and went above and beyond in displaying Young the Giants true talent.  Altogether, I would give the album an 8/10 and finish by saying I am really excited to hear more from Young the Giant in the future.

Rating: 8/10

Favorite tracks: “Simplify” and “Superposition”