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Kelli Appel

NORMAL, Ill. – Educators Rising of Illinois came to Illinois State University for their annual state conference yesterday.  Educators Rising is a movement created to provide a clear pathway to increase teacher diversity and quality. This was their fourth annual conference featuring guest speakers from all over Illinois.  From noon to 12:50 p.m., they had […]

Photo provided by Illinois State University NORMAL, Ill. – Educators Rising is a career and technical student organization. The program offers a fully aligned, standards-based curriculum and clinical experiences for students interested in pursuing a career in education.  Director of Recruitment, Retention and Student Services for the College of Education Kelli Appel said “the program […]

NORMAL, Ill. – Illinois has struggled with a teacher shortage that has impacted the community for years. Beyond educators no longer wanting to enter the profession for various reasons, current teachers are also stepping away from the classrooms. In the college of education at Illinois State University, Kelli Appel explained why this is an ongoing […]