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Solar Power – Lorde

Written by on October 25, 2021

Written By: Tomas Ayala

Lorde’s third studio album solar power released on august 20th 2021. Lorde’s influence on pop has lasted since her debut album back in 2013 because of her different style of delivery and catchy anthems she is so well known for. On this album Lorde slows things down and like the name solar power this album has a theme on nature and life. Any album that instantly gives the artist direct mindset and where they are at in life is always interesting.

The album’s sound is directly linked to the theme. The slowed down and very light production complimented by Lorde’s soft vocals really bring the whole album together. These sounds also enhance Lorde’s very spiritual and out of the box lyrics, and everything put together will almost give the listener chills. This album is precise to its core and Lorde seems to flourish in this tone she set for herself. The opening track “the path” really sets the tone of the album and gives you a very get sample of what the feel of this whole album is. The production is very psychedelic along with the lyrics and Lorde’s classic soft delivery with strong melodies makes this track stand out. The title track solar power is more so of the classic Lorde everyone loves but the production keeps this track very on point with the rest of the album.

However, my number one issue with the album is how repetitive it seems. It seems like Lorde found a new sound and ran with it but never fully explored it to its fullest potential. After the first keeps of tracks you will have a very good idea of what the rest of the album sounds like for better or for worse. For me it was a little too stale and I got bored at times. Either way every song is very high quality and sharp.


Favorite tracks: The path