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When It’s All Said and Done…Take Time – Giveon

Sydney Davis April 11, 2021

By: Sydney Davis

It’s almost summer and I think we will all need some time to just relax. I feel like Giveon had that same thought (and to be a little sad too) when he released his album When It’s All Said and Done…Take Time on March 12, 2021. This album is a compilation of his first two EPs released last year, along with a bonus track. Giveon is pretty new on the scene after rising to prominence after being featured on Drake’s “Chicago Freestyle” in early 2020. Giveon’s voice is unique in the music industry right now, due to his baritone, serenading voice.

Even though the album is only 36 minutes and 50 seconds total, each second keeps your attention. The whole album is basically the premise of a complicated romance filled with heartbreak, and regret. When you listen to the album though you don’t feel that you have to really listen to the lyrics to understand. In an interview with 106 & Park Mic Check, Giveon explained that for his song “Heartbreak Anniversary”, he “tried to make the pain sound beautiful”. I think this explains how truly soothing his voice is. He could honestly make a song about almost anything sound heavenly.

The album also follows a storyline format where you can truly understand the relationship and heartbreak Giveon has with his love interest. The album kicks off with the song “The Beach” where he sings about bringing his girlfriend back to his hometown for the first time. Even though Giveon is detailing the possible hesitancy the girl may have towards coming to Long Beach due to the negative notion people have projected upon it, the bass and guitar sway the listener into a groove. The next song “World We Created” shows how the relationship has advanced to seemingly being perfect, and this is a song for listeners to just feel the love from. The song makes you smile and just feel good. The next songs “Favorite Mistake” and “This Ain’t Love” the listener begins to know the relationship is starting to fall apart. Then in the middle of the album “Heartbreak Anniversary” comes in, which showcases the climax of the relationship ending and the heartache due to it. The rest of the album has songs that showcase Giveon’s reflection of what lead to the breakup, and how he feels. There are also a couple that show the aspect of relationship of still speaking with an ex while trying to let them go including “Like I Want You” and “Last Time” featuring Snoh Aalegra.

I think a lot of people can relate to many of the songs of this album if not the whole album. It goes through all the phases of a relationship, from initial meeting, to new relationships bliss, to the trials and tribulations, all the way to the heartbreak, and wondering what’s next. As said before, Giveon’s harmonies and voice allow the listener to feel comforted while reliving the pain from heartache.

I would give the album an 8/10, mostly because I would’ve liked it to be longer. I think he could’ve added more than one bonus track or had us wait for a completely new album. With that being said I am very excited to see what else Giveon will bring to the table for the rest of his career. He is a fresh sound and face among the auto-tuned industry, I believe he can go very far with his range if he continues on the path that he is on.

Favorite Tracks: “The Beach” & “Vanish”

Rating: 8/10