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Victoria Monet – JAGUAR II

Shem Villacarlos November 6, 2023

By Shem Villacarlos


Victoria Monét is a contemporary R&B singer-songwriter who has been on the prowl, no pun intended. I bet many of you have heard at least one of her written songs and work with other famous artists such as Ariana Grande, Fifth Harmony, Coco Jones, BLACKPINK, T.I., and so many more. Her most recent album, JAGUAR II, released in August 2023, follows the first JAGUAR album, released in 2020, as part of her debut album project. She is nominated for various awards ranging from the Grammy’s to music and media awards that are well deserved for her smooth hooks and genius lyricism.


JAGUAR II has 11 tracks and a few features with familiar names, such as Earth, Wind & Fire, and Lucky Daye. Throughout the album, you get a span of sounds from reggae-pop, soul, and a throwback to 90s R&B feels. Every feel-good run and hook makes every track smooth. It is clear she makes it intentional to keep the transition of her tracks fluid rather than “continuous” to the point the album feels like one large track. Her project alone feels “frictionless,” as some other reviews have stated. Her songs are more than just a pretty melody. Especially when listening to How Does it Make You Feel, you can tell when dissecting every phrase, instrumental, and harmony how intentional she is with her music. 


Speaking of dissecting some of her tracks, I do want to highlight a few of her songs in particular from this album. In her fourth track, Alright, I really loved her wordplay and how she ends it with a large cat’s growl as it transitions to the next track Cadillac with animalistic sounds. It was for sure one of the smoothest transitions I’ve heard in R&B. I really do believe she has been one of the biggest R&B artists this year! Her writing style proves that with her choice of various horns and violins in some of her tracks. Additionally, the track Hollywood not only features Earth, Wind & Fire, but her child Hazel Monét takes part in the last bit as it transitions to the last track, Goodbye, of the album.


Considering she was still taking care her daughter while making her debut album and dream project a reality is truly admirable. Victoria Monét really is a triple threat of a singer, songwriter, and dancer that we have to look forward to in the future. JAGUAR II is a reflection of her musicality and ability to evoke a meaningful listening experience.


Rating: 9.5/10


TOP Tracks: Party Girls (feat. Buju Banton), Cadillac (A Pimp’s Anthem), Stop (Askin’ 4Shyt), and Hollywood (feat. Earth, Wind & Fire + Hazel Monét