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Ty Dolla $ign – Beach House 3

Ty Dolla $ign February 20, 2018

Ty Dolla $ign – Beach House 3

By: David Goins

Ty Dolla Sign is a successful recording artist from Los Angeles, California, who got his first real recognition from the song “Toot it and Boot it” by YG. Known for his wide-raged vocals, Ty Dolla Sign has built a great presence within rap and R&B, presenting hard-hitting bangers along with some soft, guitar-led ballads. Ty Dolla Sign has really paved his own way in the music industry ever since Wiz Khalifa signed him to Taylor Gang Records. This recent record, Beach House 3, is a follow up to his 2016 album, named Campaign.

Right off the bat, Ty tries and succeeds at showing the world his vocal range as a singer. The first track, “Famous”, is a song that Ty wrote about how everybody in the world wants to be famous and how it’s not as great as everyone thinks. The song has a very soft acoustic guitar melody that sounds plucked. It’s almost as if I can picture Ty Dolla Sign playing the guitar while singing this song in my head. It is phenomenal.

The single off this album features Lil Wayne and The Dream. It’s called “Love U Better” and it really sets the tone for this album. This song is hard-hitting but also brings a lot of pop/funk into the mix. The Dream really kills the hook with his soft-spoken vocals. Ty Dolla Sign also does his thing on this record coming with a more aggressive but melodic flow and style. This is one of Ty’s strongest attributes; he can really rap, but in a way that’s smooth and soothing. Lil Wayne comes up on the back end of this track doing his usual auto-tuned vocal rapping which is very appealing in hip-hop these days.

On this album, Ty presents his fans with a long track list of 20 songs with features from artists across the board of Hip-Hop. One of the songs that really stand out to me is called “Dawsin’s Break” featuring Jeremih. This song is a straight banger with a contemporary trap instrumental. Ty really strays away from his smooth singing voice on this one, and it works. His flow is smooth and slightly melodic, and Jeremih also brings out his inner rapper on this record. I think that Jeremih could have had a longer verse on this track, but I still think this is one of the highlights of the album.

The song “Side Effects” that comes up on the back of this record is, in my opinion, a low point on this album. The end of this album kind of sounds like Ty is running out of ideas. This song sounds like Ty is trying too hard to have a pop/club song. The instrumental is mediocre and sounds like a throw away off a DJ Mustard mixtape. This song isn’t entirely terrible; I just think that it isn’t as good as a lot of the other songs on this album. Overall, I really enjoyed this album. It has a great mix of hip-hop bangers and R&B singing which Ty does the best. I think that this album is a little too long at 20 songs. The end is weak, and it sounds like it was forced to be at 20 songs. Other than that, I loved the record. The first 3/4ths of it was great and I’m very excited to hear what Ty Dolla Sign has in store for the future.

Rating: 8/10

Favorite songs: Famous, Dawsin’s Break, Don’t Judge Me