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Chappell Roan – The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess

Kate Karvelis November 30, 2023

Chappell Roan is an up-and-coming 25 year old pop artist from Missouri. Chappell Roan has been releasing music since she was 14.  She uploaded her own music to YouTube, where she was later picked up by Atlantic Records at age 17.

Her first official release, Pink Pony Club, received acclaim for both Vulture, and USA Today, ranking those tracks some of the best of 2020.

Chappell Roan toured with Olivia Rodrigo as an opener on the SOUR tour, is currently on her own tour, and will be opening for Olivia Rodrigo on select GUTS tour dates. Chappell Roan is a pop princess force to be reckoned with.

The rise and Fall of A Midwest Princess is one of my favorite albums of 2023. A mixture of sad, and pop princess songs, the album perfectly represents what it is like to be a teenage girl, who likes a boy. Songs such as casual (a slower song) discuss the issue of not being clear as to what the relationship is, and songs such as After Midnight, are faster paced, but discuss wanting to text someone when you’re drunk, but knowing it is not a good choice. Personally, I feel like few albums have been able to successfully grasp what this is like. Making songs that feel like both crying in the club, and being in the club, this album combines my favorite tastes- slow and fast paced pop music, in a way that is cohesive. This album feels very much like streams of consciousness and like the natural flow of feelings and emotions.

Returning to themes of the album, this album also explores the theme of being too good for these boys and how they aren’t on her level. This theme hasn’t been explored much in music yet, but is a popular topic among the gen-z girlies. Often, we find ourselves hurt by boys we know we are so much better than. We know our worth and know that they cannot handle us. Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl and Femininomenon discuss these themes.

HOT TO GO, and Red Wine Supernova discuss the yearning many of us girls feel at this age. – Kate Karvelis