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Midnights – Taylor Swift

Jameson Warfield November 15, 2022

Midnights Album Review 

Jameson Warfield 


Late this October, Taylor Swift released her 10th studio album to much acclaim from critics and fans alike. The album expanded on previous tones that Swift has put forth, but it took from each era and put a new spin on it.  

The album pulls especially from her 4th studio album, 1989, but is slightly darker and more mature. While not breaking new ground on the older sounds Taylor has put forth. Crammed with hits front to back, this 44-minute album is already a quintessential Taylor album that very uniquely channels her own voice through different moments in her life.  

Taylor writes about the different late nights in her life, like falling in love in songs like Snow on the Beach and Karma. Swift pulls from her struggles with fame and relationships in songs like Bejeweled, Midnight Rain, Anti-Hero, and Lavender Haze. These songs especially, channel from Swift’s 2017 album Reputation.  

As a whole, this is a classic Taylor Swift album. However, it can feel very formulaic at times. The bridges and choruses are often replaceable and very similar sounding. What Taylor Swift excels at is putting different emotions into this album. The energy of the tracks stays the same while channeling very different feelings from each different song.  

My personal favorites from this album would include Karma, Mastermind, and Snow on the Beach. Karma is soft and funky, and it is very upbeat while still fitting into the rest of the album. Mastermind is fun and enjoyable with great lyricism. Snow on the Beach is soft and silky and has wonderful imagery. This album earned a 7/10 for me. It is fun, enjoyable, and smooth, but at least in my mind it is not Taylor’s best or most groundbreaking album.