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Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever) – Noah Kahan

Kassidy Wiskari  September 4, 2023

Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever) – Noah Kahan 

By- Kassidy Wiskari 

      Noah Kahan is a young alternative folk singer-songwriter who is rising to stardom fast. Within a year of his third studio album, Stick Season, blowing up on TikTok, Kahan is going on a nationwide tour and selling out venues like Red Rocks amphitheater and Radio City Music Hall. I started listening to his music a year ago when I found it on TikTok and I was honestly changed. I remember sitting in my dorm at the beginning of freshman year listening to the album’s title song, “Stick Season” on repeat. Over the summer, Kahan dropped an extended version and fans went crazy over it.  

     This album is kind of like a continuation of last year’s album’s story. In the original Stick Season, Kahan talks about feeling stuck in his small hometown, feeling like he’ll never get out, and feeling jealous of others for doing the things that he never got to do like going to college. However, in the newer tracks, there are more themes of redemption and Kahan learning to be happy where he is, though there is still longing for the past and missed opportunities.  

      Two of the tracks from this album that stand out are “Dial Drunk” and “You’re Gonna Go Far”. These are the tracks that really made it big with fans and resonated the most. “Dial Drunk” is about a drunk night in which a young man gets himself in trouble with the police and calls who we can presume is his ex-girlfriend or lover. She doesn’t pick up.  This song is pretty catchy and upbeat, although the lyrics are a bit depressing. Overall, I really love the sound of this song and it definitely is the highlight of the album for me.  

      “You’re Gonna Go Far” is the other stand out track that got popular on tiktok especially around travel influencers. It’s about a person who leaves their hometown and deals with the guilt of leaving their family behind. Kahan talks from the perspective of someone left behind, talking about how proud he is and the fact that life still goes on in the small towns. This song is incredible and has been the soundtrack to a ton of my nostalgic moments recently. It definitely speaks to a lot of emotions that people in this transitional stage have and is honestly incredible lyrically.  

Overall, this is my favorite album of the year and it has been on repeat for me since it came out. Go listen! 

Rating: 10/10 

Faves: “Dial Drunk”, “Paul Revere”, “Stick Season”, “Everywhere, Everything” (toughest choice of my life)