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Renaissance – Beyoncé

Ross Urso December 1, 2022

Beyoncé – RENAISSANCE [An Album Review by Ross Urso]
Prior to the summertime rollout for her seventh LP with Renaissance, it has been six
years since the world has heard from Queen Bee. Not only is this dance-concentric record a
celebration of letting loose and getting wild on the dancefloor, but most notably a focus on
Beyoncé’s self confidence, perseverance and feeling sexy.
Therefore, sonically, the album consistently flows at a compacted pace. I found it
refreshing how tracks transitioned in and out of one another, which is always an engaging way to
maintain a project’s momentum from start to finish. A prime example is the 4 track runthrough
with “CUFF IT”, “ENERGY” featuring Jamaican-American singer, rapper and songwriter Beam,
hence, into her smash hit “BREAK MY SOUL”, and then into “CHURCH GIRL”.
Though not flawless nor top tier to what she has released in her past, I, still, commend the
legend for creating a body of work that she artistically wanted to make. The production choice
showcases different styles of pop music. From Disco, Techno-pop, Afropop, to even Hip-Hop
and spacy-synthesizer undertones, especially on the “AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM”. This was
one of the standout songs on the LP, in my opinion. Her versatility can be heard and felt here.
Mike Dean’s synth drenched outro is chef’s kiss.
The albums middle act is where I ran into my grips on the project, as this is where some
songs felt too one-dimensional and not fully expanded upon, such as on “VIRGO’S GROOVE”
and “MOVE”. Furthermore, much of the mix on the drums and 808’s overpower the Queen’s
vocals and drown them out, which in that sense took me away from my listening at points in
time. Also, some hooks leave a lot to be desired, as some come across redundant and even quiet.
However, it feels like going without saying that when in fact Beyoncé wants to bring it, she does.
Her energy on her song “ENERGY” is another highlight, pun intended of course. My absolute
favorite gem is “CHURCH GIRL” which has a bouncy and vibrant instrumental by Hip-Hop
producer, No I.D.
Rating: 6.5/10