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People in Motion – Dayglow

Mason Ringger December 6, 2022

By: Mason Ringger

People in Motion is Dayglow’s 3rd major release and leaves this fan wondering what happened. While the overall vibe is reminiscent of Harmony House and Fuzzy Brain, the fun bedroom pop charm is missing. Dayglow is famous for his bedroom recording style and the aesthetic seemed to missing from People in Motion. That being said there were some captivating singles that deserve a listen as a Dayglow fan. Ultimately there is a song for the casual Dayglow fan, with “Then it All Goes Away” and “Deep End.” As well as the true believer with records like “Someone Else,” “Like She Does” and “Stops Making Sense.”

“Then it All Goes Away” is the album’s most played on Spotify and it has this spot for a reason. The catchy guitar pattern and light instrumentation gives the song a bouncy beat that sticks to the ears. The sound has the same bedroom pop sound as his earlier work and there is an emphasis on clarity in the production. The song as a solo is great but shows no divergence from previous work. There seems to be a lack of creative progression. “Deep End” tells a similar story as the production work is generally defined into a more advanced version of Harmony House, instead of a new Dayglow idea. That being said the things that made Harmony House an incredible album are here as well. The funky, innovative, basslines pop with creative instrumentation on “How Do You Know” are a symbol of Dayglow’s ability as an artist. “Like She Does” is another one of those tracks that I turn on and I’m bobbing my head in a moment. A song like this points to a hopeful future for the junior, and this fan can’t wait to see what he does next. The only issue I have with the album is the lack of variety within the album. These songs all have such similar vibes that they all sound the same. That being said the formula used here is a good one so the album plays like one cohesive single. The album finishes with my personal favorite track, “Talking To Light.” The song’s bouncy synth and jumping rhythm combined with a beautiful piano makes this record one to remember.

Overall I would give People In Motion a 7/10. It’s a good experience but I was left wanting more innovative ideas and variety among the tracks.