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Rosie Chappell October 17, 2022

By: Rosie Chappell

Ghost is a rock band that formed in Sweden in 2006. The group currently has
11,899,418 monthly listeners on Spotify. Their new album [MESSAGE FROM THECLERGY] just came out on September 12, 2022. The album includes 7 songs and has a running time of 30 minutes and 9 seconds.

The album first starts off with the track, “Mary On A Cross”, which is a great way to open the album. The song is very catchy and I love it so much. Definitely one of my favorites off the album. This song blew up on TikTok, and many have used it in viral videos. This song has such a great beat and the drums in it is just perfect.

Another favorite song of mine off this album is “Call Me Little Sunshine”. The beat underlying the song is so addicting and the guitar solo has me bopping my head along to it. I also love the lyrics and vocals in this song. Definitely a lowkey comfort song.

A song that also catches my eye is “Dance Macabre”. It has all the sounds of rock with the lyrics adding tension between the singer and who he’s addressing in the song. This song talks about dancing and bewitching your partner at night.

The song “Year Zero” also trended on TikTok but many won’t recognize the name. The beginning intro of the song is what many people used in all sports of videos, the most common being of animals. The intro will always make me laugh because of the TikTok trend.

While they are not my absolute favorites, “Spillways” and “Square Hammer” are so good. The guitar in both of them are just so great, especially in “Spillways”. The last song on the album is a slowed and reverb version of “Mary On A Cross”. This one in my opinion is not as good as the original version.

Overall, this is one of my all time favorite albums ever. Originally I didn’t know if this album was gonna be as great as some of their others, but it is definitely their best. I hope this album will be a no skip for you like it was for me!

Favorite Tracks – “Mary On A Cross” and “Call Me Little Sunshine Rating: 10/10