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Mac Miller – Circles

Mac Miller February 14, 2020

By: Dani Burgrabe

“Enjoy The best things in your life, cause you ain’t gonna get to live it twice.” Thank you, Mac Miller, for who you were as an artist, and also for who you were as a person.

He was lost way too soon, a day that I will always remember because it felt like we all lost a friend that day. Mac Miller, I miss the music you gave to this world. It was beautiful, chill, and he had a song for just about every emotion you could possibly feel. Lucky for us, as a memorial, his family and label released his last recorded album posthumous, “Circles”. This album hit me differently. Yes, if you’re as big of a fan as I am, get ready to feel it all over again.

I may be a little soft for saying this, but I definitely shed a tear or two when I first listened to the album. I felt nostalgia for my grade school days when I would turn “Knock Knock” on for the car ride home, or how I had to watch his guest appearance on Ridiculous on every time the would air it on MTV. I grew up listening to him, so to hear his voice singing once again, however with a new twist on his sound, it certainly tugged at my heart strings a little bit.

His voice, his personality, his lyrics, he gave us so much of him throughout his discography year after year. Songs that get you through the good and the bad, the hurt and the sad, the chill and vibe moods, or if you want to dance in your room because he makes you want to jam along with him too. His songs aren’t just playing in the background, but they are they’re with you, comforting you with a warm embrace.

“Everyday,” was the first song that I heard. My best friend played it for me, and can I just say that it was so sad but so vibey that I can’t help but love the way it sounded. “Woods,” lyrics were so relatable, I felt like he knew what I wanted to say but couldn’t. He always had a way with his lyrics that I loved ever since I grew up with him, record after record. Whether it was in his more upbeat songs, like “Donald Trump,” or on his newest album, “Blue World” which makes you want to vibe with it on repeat for the next couple weeks. It’s a blue world without you, Mac, let me tell you.

I think there’s a lot to learn by his passing. What he sang about in his music is more than just a song. He told us his story. As I said in the beginning, “Enjoy the best things in your life, cause you ain’t gonna get to live it twice.” Mac Miller, I don’t think we could ever forget someone like you.

Rating: 10/10

Favorite Songs: Circles, Blue World, Good News, Everybody, and Woods.