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Halsey – Manic

Halsey March 3, 2020


By: Dani Burgrabe

Hey, it’s Dani here to tell you to stop whatever you’re doing, find your headphones, beats, stereo, or whatever you use to listen to music these days and turn on Halsey’s third album, Manic. The beautiful and inspiring, Halsey, tells the story of herself as Ashley, through her new 16 song album.

It’s 48 minutes of just getting to know this beautiful artist from the inside, the challenges she has faced and overcome through everything she’s been through in her life. We all go through challenges in our lives, and Halsey is great at telling different stories of herself through her songs. I have always been able to relate to her music which is why I could be biased, but it still is a really astounding album.

The lyrics are beautifully written, and I found myself relating to every song even though our stories are so different. It’s what I look for in music, as I have mentioned before, but to feel like a whole album was written just for me was such an exhilarating feeling. She hit every emotion through a different genre of music in every song. I mean she can sing just about everything. Being able to reach your fans with similar challenges and putting it into words that the fans might not know how to express themselves, is what connects the fans love for the artist. My love for Halsey only grew more every time I pressed play.

Not only is Halsey an amazing singer, but she’s also a great role model for young women. I have been a longtime fan of Halsey, from songs like “Is There Someone,” which hits you in your feels, to “New Americana,” which gives you an upbeat but chill vibe to listen to. Also tracks like “Nightmare,” which makes you want to yell along to and, “Without Me,” which makes you want to give a big thumbs down to your ex. She is amazing at what she does, and nobody can change my mind. I hope you take the time to listen and get to know Ashley Frangipane, otherwise known as the manic that is Halsey.

Rating: 10/10

Favorite Songs: “Ashley,” “3am,” and “killing boys”