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Green Day – Saviors

Shem Villacarlos January 29, 2024

By: Shem Villacarlos


Green Day is starting the new year rocking and rolling! Their latest release of Saviors is their 14th album and lives up to the band’s reputation. Seriously, this band has truly made a name for themselves with some of their iconic albums Dookie and American Idiot. They originally formed their three-man band in 1987 when taking over the Bay Area punk scene in the 90s. They’re going to continue bringing punk rock to every stage as they prep for their album tour starting in May. 


They have always been a vocal and profound band when coming up with their songs. Each of the tracks in this album were created by being fully present in the same room making music. Very authentic to creating authentic rock songs, and other genres of course. The five leading singles The American Dream is Killing me, Look Ma, No Brains!, Dilemma, and One Eyed Bastard, and Bobby Sox are some of the tracks that best represent their 30 plus year legacy worth celebrating. The first track in particular has been the popular favorite as it was the leading single before the other tracks were released. The American Dream in particular is in my upmost opinion the BEST way to start off the album. It screams Green Day’s sound with a powerful rock anthem about their views of America. Also, I would highly recommend giving it a listen along with the other track One Eyed Bastard. The song has one of my favorite guitar openings with a nostalgic power chord progression similar to P!nk’s So What. But still very authentic to their own sound throughout the album. 


One track I think a lot of college students can understand and relate to is Living in the 20s. Aside from the killer guitar solo, Billie Joe Armstrong (the lead singer) drew parallels of this generation to the 1920s and calling out current events. It is the 12th track that ties all the messages of other tracks well and transitions into the last three tracks with ease. Especially with their 14th track that is the same title as the album, Saviors, “calling for all strangers” to step up and make change in this society. They never fail to call out their views of the world with their music and most definitely never back down for being vocal. So if you’re into some powerful pop, punk, and rock then you’re tuning into the right album this year.


Rating: 9/10

Favorite Tracks: Look Ma, No Brains! One Eyed Bastard, Living in the 20s