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Green Day – Father of All…

Green Day April 24, 2020

By: Nate Doro

While you grow up, you have music you cling to.  You hold on to that music for the rest of your life for the fond memories or to help you get through rough times.  For me, I loved listening to punk rock music as a kid.  One of my favorite bands was and still is Green Day, so when they announced the release of another album this year, I was ecstatic.  Father of All…, Green Day’s 13th studio album was released after a three year break from their most recent album, Revolution Radio. Just as I expected, as soon as I started listening, I felt that same comfort I always feel listening to Green Day.

The opening track, the titular single “Father of All..,” is classic Green Day.  It is everything you expect from a Green Day single; catchy yet edgy, fun with a slightly deeper meaning. Then the second track started. “Fire, Ready, Aim,” on its own is a fun single.  But when I first heard it following “Father of All…,” I honestly thought it was the same song. It could have been the bridge for “Father of All.”  The third track, “Oh Yeah,” Had the exact same issue.  All of these tracks were fun, but it is truly difficult to differentiate between them, leaving me disappointed.

My disappointment was relieved upon hearing the fourth and final single and possibly my favorite track on the album, “Meet Me on the Roof.” “Meet Me on the Roof” is Green Day at their best. It’s punk, unique, fun, and perfectly encapsulates the thrilling highs of your teenage years.  Besides the singles, other standouts included “I Was a Teenage Teenager” and “Graffitia.” “I Was a Teenage Teenager” was a slower track that did its job of diversifying and breaking up the album.  Not my favorite track but definitely a good song.  “Graffitia” was another unique song that not only stood out, but was truly fun to listen to.  I am shocked they did not use it as one of their singles.  It shows that Green Day can still bring something new to the table with each new album release, which is one of the reasons I love Green Day.

Overall, I was slightly disappointed in this album’s lack of diversity and originality, but the music was still really good.  I am trying my best to not be blinded by my love for Green Day and give them a fair rating, so I would give this album a 6.5/10. A ‘D’ is still a passing grade, right?

Rating- 6.5/10

Best Tracks- “Meet Me on the Roof” and “Graffitia”