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Gemini Rights – Steve Lacy

Logan Moeller October 3, 2022

Gemini Rights – Steve Lacy

By: Logan Moeller

Steve Lacy’s recent album Gemini Rights goes between Lacy’s inside perspective over a breakup with
his boyfriend. Throughout the album Lacy goes between relief, regret, longing, resentment, and
acceptance of coming to terms with his breakup. In the past Lacy focused on self-producing and
songwriting by making his music on a jailbroken iPhone and Garage Band on his computer. Throughout
the album Gemini Rights, he focuses on a more collaborative album by including features and
collaboratives with his cowriters and bandmates. His recent collaboratives sound more confident and
powerful and focus more on storytelling throughout his breakout and less on Lacy’s raw talent. Although
this album has no skips, the three songs that stood out to me most were “Static”, “Helmet”, and “Sunshine”.
The album starts out strong with the song “Static” where Lacy talks about his ex-boyfriend’s struggles of
coping with feelings and explains he does not need him to keep moving forward. Another favorite was
“Helmet”, where Lacy expresses his anger towards a clingy partner who he cannot let go of. Finally, the
song “Sunshine” features Foushée and projects Lacy dealing with redivided feelings over a casual
encounter with an ex. I enjoyed this entire album and loved seeing Steve Lacy become more open to
collaborations. I give it an overall rating of 9/10 and am excited to see more of Lacy’s experimental work
in the future.

Rating: 9/10

Favorite Tracks: “Static”, “Helmet”, and “Sunshine”