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Foo Fighters- But Here We Are

Collette Schnoor October 9, 2023

By Collette Schnoor

Foo Fighters is a band that was formed in Seattle in the mid 90s. This band was created by drummer and singer Dave Grohl shortly after the disband of Nirvana in 1994. The band is very well known with 20.4 million listeners on Spotify. Foo Fighters currently consists of 6 talented musicians and they just released a new album called “But Here We Are” on June 2nd 2023. The album includes a total of 10 songs with 4 singles and has a running time of 48 minutes and 14 seconds.

This new album is filled with heavy lyrics paired with the iconic Foo Fighters post grunge sound. Many of the songs are about how Dave Grohl is dealing with the death of his mother, Virginia, and also the death of his good friend and bandmate, Taylor Hawkins. Taylor Hawkins joined the band in 1997 and stayed until his death in 2022. Of course this took a major toll on Grohl, as Hawkins was one of his best friends. Due to the death of Taylor Hawkins, Dave Grohl was the one who played on the drums for this new album. This is the first time he has recorded himself on the drums for a Foo Fighters album since 2005. This new album is a deep dive into the thoughts and grief Dave Grohl is dealing with during this difficult time.

The song that has gotten the most attention is called Under You, which happens to also be my favorite song on the album. Dave Grohl describes the painstaking feeling of grief and how much he misses his friend and how it isn’t something you can just “get over”. It’s definitely a song that some listeners can really resonate and connect with Grohl on. He put hard to decipher feelings into words and art.

Another mentionable song on the album is The Teacher which is another one of the singles. This song is almost 10 minutes long and alternates between being quieter with a somber tone and being intense and emotional. This song really encapsulates the feeling of being lost and confused without the person that raised you. Grohl talks about how he is trying to get through this difficult time without his mom day by day, and breath by breath.

If you haven’t listened to this album yet, I highly suggest it.

Rating: 8/10

Favorite tracks: The Teacher, Under You, and Nothing At All