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Evermore – Taylor Swift

Madeline Moore October 28, 2021

By: Madeline Moore

On December 11th, 2020, Taylor Swift released her ninth studio album Evermore. With this album, Swift showcases some of her most matured and elegant songwriting yet, telling stories of first loves and heartbreak while being the most country sounding album she’s released since Speak Now.


The album includes 15 songs, with features from HAIM, The National, and Bon Iver. The album itself gives a very somber tone with its acoustic guitar ballads and slow piano throughout many songs. Each song on the album contains very carefully crafted lyrics showing some of Taylor’s most impressive poetry of her career. With the song “Champagne Problems”, Swift tells the sad story of a woman who had to say no to a proposal due to her own mental problems. The quote, “Your Midas touch on the Chevy door November flush and your flannel cure, this dorm was once a madhouse, I made a joke, well, it’s made for me,” perfectly captivates the story of a perfect boyfriend and a girlfriend who wasn’t ready to commit due to her own mental issues. Many other songs including “Tolerate It”, “Happiness”, and “Coney Island” showcase the same heartbreaking but clever wordplay.


Evermore tells many different poetical stories through the lens of different perspectives using creative metaphors that withhold a deeper meaning. Evermore took bigger risks than its sister album Folklore, each song being something completely different than the last, rather than telling a singular story the album showcases an array of stories and timelines with each song.


Overall, I found Evermore to be some of Taylor’s most clean and pristine songwriting. With a folk-like acoustic sound, this is the perfect fall/winter album. Even if you are not a Taylor Swift fan, you are sure to find at least one song on Evermore that you will fall in love with.


Every song on this album is fantastic but my favorites are “Champagne Problems”, “Tolerate It”, “Gold Rush” and “Happiness”. I would rate this album a 10/10.