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Eminem- Kamikaze

Eminem October 25, 2018

By: Jamie Rago

I have never really listened to Eminem so this to me was a nice switch up from what I normally listen to. I think he has such a great talent and knowing a couple of his hits before going into this, I knew I was in for something special. In terms of rap, ever since I was little my dad was so obsessed with him. So again, when I had the chance to review this album I knew it would be something really cool to listen to being an adult and understanding more of what music means. From the first song I listened to, I really enjoyed it and Eminem has definitely been around for a while so this was impressive to me.

In his tenth studio album, he has brought us a 13-song track listing and has put himself through some controversy yet some positivity from others. The songs definitely throw out some disses while others touch close to home hitting us right in the feels. You can hear his raw energy, you can hear his pain, you can hear his anger and you can hear his fight through life. I always have appreciated this about Eminem and it’s just so cool to finally hear it for myself. It was most definitely an interesting experience as I was listening and the album exponentially delivered.

In Kamikaze, Eminem’s song titled, “Not Alike” took a hard hit on Machine Gun Kelly, another rapper in the game. Although tough words against each other in the songs going back and forth, I can’t help but like Eminem’s passion in his voice when he raps it. His stylistic voice within the music, definitely gives him the vibe that he knows what is up. It really was different from anything I have heard from him before. Taking this risk of changing things up definitely made his album really exciting to listen to!

I really enjoyed Eminem’s skill in this album and really could vibe on the songs put on Kamikaze. Like I’ve said before this isn’t my type of music, but I was hooked the entire time and really enjoyed the style of this album compared to anything other than what I have heard from him in the past, just from simply overhearing things. I love when albums are raw like this because you can tell where he was coming from when writing it and or you can hear his stories within each song. It is my favorite thing about albums and artists like this.

Within the album I didn’t find anything I really disliked, his writing, his rawness and his artistry within each song was interesting and kept me intrigued. I really enjoyed this album as a whole and I definitely think it has lots to offer to listeners and fans of Eminem. In my opinion, he did an amazing job.

Overall, Eminem is incredibly creative and such a talented artist. I appreciate his wring skills and his ability to create such true, raw and pure artistry across the album. I am so excited to see what he will bring to the table in the future!

Rating: 8.5/10

Favorite Tracks: Kamikaze, Not Alike, Stepping Stone