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Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd – Lana Del Rey

Kate Karvelis April 20, 2023

By: Kate Karvelis

Lana Del Rey has been feeding her fans, putting out 3 albums in a span of 2 years.  As a longtime Lana Del Rey fan, I have been enjoying these amounts of content being put out. However, her newest albums have been lacking. I held the highest hopes for this album, thinking it would return us to classic LDR.

This album is somehow underwhelming and still yet, nearly an ironic masterpiece. With lines such as “Pass me my vape/I’m feeling sick,” and sampling one of her songs into a rap beat, Lana truly uses this album to create whatever music she wants. And as a fan, I do support it. But honestly, this album just isn’t that interesting. It has a few good songs that I enjoy, but I just don’t care to listen to the album in full more than once. Which is how I’ve been with all her past albums.

“Venice B****” is one of my all-time favorite songs, so I was very excited that it got turned into a rap beat in Taco Truck x VB. A&W, a single for the album, is one of my favorite songs of 2023 so far. But even with two great songs, the album just overall falls short. There’s only so much irony one can stand. In her 2021 album Chemtrails over The Country Club, she sings “You named your babe lilac heaven/After your iPhone 11/Crypto forever screams your stupid boyfriend/**** you Kevin.” Which is an ironic masterpiece, but it’s not enough to save the album.

Some online are interpreting the line “Pass me my vape/I’m feeling sick” as a way for Lana to capture the trends of 2023 and romanticize them. Lana’s older music romanticize a 1950s housewife style. The theory then is, that like her older music, Lana is capturing a period in her music, and we will hopefully be nostalgic for times like those.

Rating: 6/10

Favorite Songs: “Taco Truck x VB” and “A&W”