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BUMMER – cleopatrick

Chris Rieger October 27, 2021

By: Chris Rieger

You may not be familiar with cleopatrick, but you will be sooner rather than later. I hesitate to throw this around, but I think they are onto a new wave of ‘rock’ here. Not to be that guy, but yes, I have been a big fan since 2018. Since then, they have drastically grown as a band, and into the public eye leading up to their debut album, BUMMER.

They perfectly reflect the new alternative/rock sound of the late 2010s and beyond. They combine classic rock sounds, punk, metal, and hip hop-esque flow, throw it into the pot and set it to high heat. My sugar and spice with everything nice. It may sound like I am overhyping this record, but I genuinely listened to something off this album every day of this past summer.

cleopatrick has paved their own sound with their singer also playing bass and guitar at the same time with octave pedals, but they take their signature sound a step further with their debut album BUMMER. Every instrument on the album is at least partially distorted, including vocals and drums for the whole duration. Although similar production has been done by a number of garage rock bands, the fuzz that coats this album feels fresh and uniquely ‘cleopatrick’. If you stumbled upon this, and you aren’t a big ‘rock’ enthusiast, fear not, this album could still be for you.

The album kicks off with “VICTORIA PARK”. This sold me on the album 5 seconds in. The feedback and cranked distortion of the guitar over the drums sets the tone for the remainder of the album. If you like soulful singing or hard and fast rock, this has your name written all over it. Plus, the verses have a lot of the hip hop flow and lyrical style that I mentioned earlier, fans of hip hop should check it out!

The second track was the second single, ‘THE DRAKE’. This is the song that got me so incredibly jazzed up for this album, and it still holds its spot as my favorite. The guitar/bass combo really shines on the drop of this song, (around 2:47) and it both soothes my soul and forces me to headbang. As a longtime fan of this band, I would consider this a good representation of their sound as a whole. If you are a harder rock fan, this is definitely a go to.

Finally, I have to briefly dive into the song “2008”. They take the fast pace of the album to this slow and somber song, and the transition and placement on the album could not be more perfect. “2008” is one of those new songs that you feel like you’ve heard before, the type that makes you think about your life. They pull drums out of this song completely too, accenting the booming down-tuned guitar and his voice. I imagine this song blaring through a climactic moment in an action movie.

In conclusion, BUMMER is an absolute heater of an album, and cleopatrick is just getting started. If you like any of the genres I mentioned or you are just curious, give this album a chance. I can’t guarantee anything, but I have a strong hunch that you will like what you hear.



10/10. Seriously.