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Brightside – The Lumineers

Sydney Davis March 30, 2022

BRIGHTSIDE – The Lumineers

By: Sydney Davis

            The Lumineers released their fourth studio album, BRIGHTSIDE on January 14, 2022. With nine tracks the album totals to about a short yet sweet 30 minutes. I enjoy listening to The Lumineers usually, but I will be the first to admit that I have never listened to a full album by the band before. So, I went into this very open and with high hopes of what they had in store for listeners.

The album starts off with the titular track “BRIGHTSIDE”, starts the album off with a very hopeful sound. It talks about a romantic relationship where things aren’t going the best, and the narrator feels that only a strong, foundational love can make better. On this song The Lumineers experiment with a more electric sound versus their usual acoustic tones. In my opinion, the rest of the album fits the more acoustic sound with minimal instruments, but it does seem as though they experimented heavier with the electric guitar throughout the album.

The more acoustic sound can be heard on “A.M. RADIO”, “BIRTHDAY”, and “REMINGTON”. These tracks are typical of The Lumineers, they sound like some of their previous singles, so most fans probably will enjoy these. They somewhat resemblance songs you would hear in the background of a scene transition of a movie or TV show.

I really enjoyed “WHERE WE ARE” the tempo and piano compiled together made this song stand out. the listener could expect quick changes throughout the song adding to the experience, which I think qualifies it to be a good sing a long song in the car. Another stand out song is “NEVER REALLY MINE”, it gives a rock and roll vibe and is the most pumped-up song. Wesley Schultz’s voice really pulls on the heart strings evoking emotions of heartbreak.

“REPRISE” is a nice way to end the album, as it relates back to the first track “BRIGHTSIDE”. It’s not your typical reprise where it’s the same song, with a slightly different beat or lyrics. In this case it’s a closing to the album, and the storyline. The entire album there’s a focus on providing happiness for others, but at the end in reprise the storyteller is looking for their own sense of happiness. The organ and piano on the track compliment the lyrics well.

Overall, the album is decent, it just felt as though it is missing something. When listening you can get stuck in a rut and lose focus on what you’re listening to. The group provided a simple sound that could have been more to pique more interest in the listeners and make a lasting impression.

Favorite Track: “WHERE WE ARE”

Overall Rating: 6/10