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Boygenius – The Record

Syd Corpora September 25, 2023

Boygenius is a group comprised of Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker, and Phoebe Bridgers. All three have had exceptional careers and are loved by many for their melancholic lyrics and dreamy vocals. They released a self-titled EP of 6 songs in October of 2018 and fans of the collaboration were eager to see new work from the group. So, it goes without saying that the fan bases of all three singers and the fanatics of their first EP were thrilled when the trio announced their first full length album– The Record– to be released in March of 2023, followed by an American and European tour. The album is a 43-minute listen with 12 unique tracks including vocals from all three members, covering topics from navigating relationships to navigating the world as we know it.

One of the most notable tracks is Not Strong Enough. One of the more fast paced songs on the record, Not Strong Enough discusses self-image and mental health through its poetic verses. Bridgers and Baker are the vocalists for this track, but the song was co-written and co-produced by the three of them– Dacus included.

Another notable track is Cool About It. This song is slower and more emotional. While all of their songs have a sense of vulnerability, this song feels like looking into a soul after a breakup. The lyrics are relatable and heart wrenching. Something Boygenius does really well is creating a feeling without spelling it out for their audience. The band released the music video for this song on the 20th of this month. The video, directed by Lauren Tsai, is an animated story showing the (literal) unraveling of  a relationship between two main characters, who are portrayed as dolls. It is beautiful and disturbing. It fits the song very well.

My favorite track on the record is $20. It showcases the group’s incredible lyric writing, as well as their ear for the actual music. Without a doubt Boygenius understands the relationship between melody and the actual contents of music beautifully. The bridge of this song contains layers of vocals and music and crescendos into an incredibly raw release of emotions.

Choosing only three tracks to describe in this review. If you haven’t already, go and listen to the full record! I can’t wait to see what projects this trio puts out in the future!


Favorite tracks: $20, Cool About It

Rating: 9.5/10