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In the February Edition of Birds-I-View, producer Colleen Holden, and cohosts Gavin Broderick and Ben Howell take a look at the entire political spectrum of McLean County.

The show opened with Jameson Warfield setting the scene on the political climate of McLean County, and the individual philosophies of the parties (1:36-3:47). Next, Kaylee Sugimoto details what libertarianism in the greater Bloomington-Normal area looks like (4:27-7:41).

Then, Braden Fogerson looks at what it’s like to be a Republican on ISU’s campus (8:36-11:18). On the other end of the spectrum, Allison Petric looks at what it’s like to be a Democrat in McLean County (11:50-14:55).

Going into the extreme ends of the spectrum, Logan O’Brien talks about what Turning Point USA believes and hopes to accomplish (16:00-17:59). Finally, the show closed with Gavin Broderick outlining the core principles and values of socialism(18:40-21:09).