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In the October Edition of Birds-I-View, producer Colleen Holden, and co-hosts Gavin Broderick and Ben Howell take a look at the story behind the conviction of Barton McNeil.

The show opened with Mikey Fornelli detailing who Barton McNeil really is according to his friends and family (1:22-4:34). Next, Ben Howell sat down with the police and reviewed the original 9-1-1 calls to piece together what exactly happened that day (5:25-8:46).

Then, Kaylee Sugimoto sat down with journalist Scott Reader to get an idea of the public’s perspective on the infamous case. (9:38-12:40). Following Kaylee’s piece, Joey Delahunty took a look at how murder trials function from a legal perspective. (13:31-16:25).

Finally the show closed with Gavin Broderick looking ahead at the potentially brighter future of Barton McNeil with his evidentiary hearing in November (17:38-20:10).