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In the September Edition of Bird’s-I-View, producer Colleen Holden and co-hosts Gavin Broderick and Ben Howell take a look at the similarities and differences between Bloomington and Normal.

Ben Howell started the show by outlining the history of both Bloomington and Normal (1:28-4:17) Next, Luke Biondi talked about the Developmental differences between the two municipalities. (5:02-7:57)

Then Lexi Muoghalou spoke on the transition from living in a diverse area to living in the Bloomington-Normal area from the perspective of a person of color. (8:41-11:17) Following that, Julian Voss talked about the disparity in athletics between Bloomington and Normal. (11:57-14:27)

Next, Colleen Holden dove into what the community atmosphere in Bloomington-Normal looks like (15:35-18:07) Finally, Gavin Broderick closed the show by outlining the what the quality of life is like (18:48-22:11)